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Electric Floor Warming Systems versus Conventional Forced-Air Heating

Beyond the fact that it reduces utility bills, there are many other benefits to electric floor warming systems versus conventional forced-air heating systems - the most common type of heating system found in American homes.

EasyHeat® offers electric floor warming systems that are virtually invisible, meaning you can neither see nor hear these innovative heating systems. Unlike conventional forced-air heating systems, electric floor warming systems are quiet and don’t make a loud buzzing noise when turned on. This is especially important for light sleepers or those with insomnia. In addition, electric tile warming systems do not release tons of allergy-causing dust.

However, when it comes to conventional heating systems, the problems are endless. Hot air usually blows out of the registers and rises to the ceiling, where it loses heat and comes back down much cooler. This means the top half of your body is warm while your toes remain cold. Another common problem with conventional heating systems is inadequate circulation. While the air may be warm and toasty while the heater is on, it quickly drops down in temperature when shut off.

On the other hand, electric ceramic tile floor warming systems, such as EasyHeat®, warm the entire floor evenly. So even when heat rises to the ceiling, the coolest air stays there while the warm air remains much lower, heating up your entire body from your toes to the top of your head.

Electric floor warming systems are ideal for both spot warming and secondary heating. If you desire to warm an entire house, the electric system is a much better choice than hydronic floor heating in climates where you only need to heat a few hours in the morning and at night to supplement your primary system.

Easy-to-install and more affordable than other heating system, EasyHeat® Warm Tiles® is the top choice for radiant floor warming. For more information on how to get warm tiles in your home, please contact EZ Floor Heat today.
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