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How Safe is In-Floor Heating?

For those looking for a comfortable and innovative way to keep their homes warm during the cooler months of the year, radiant floor heat is an exciting option. After all, the majority of people would probably prefer walking around on a toasty warm floor rather than inching their way across icy tiles. However, some people might be concerned with how safe this type of flooring actually is. Is there a risk of getting burned? Those who have small children or pets in particular may worry about the safety of those who will be moving around on these floors. Some may also be wary of a potential fire hazard. 

The fact is that electric and hydronic floor heating actually offer features that make them safer than the other options available for heating your home. With this type of heating, there are no exposed elements for pets or children to burn themselves on, as can sometimes be a risk with old radiators. Gas heating often means that there will be an open pilot flame somewhere in your home, whereas infloor heating requires no exposed open flames. Some infloor heat systems have no moving parts to worry about, and it isn't difficult to find a system that can be installed without the use of additional building materials.

There are also more subtle benefits that this type of heating can offer in terms of health and safety for you and your family. If your or any of your loved ones suffer from allergies, you'll find that a heated tile floor is an excellent choice. Unlike other heating systems, there is no effect on the air quality in your home, as there is no increased circulation of foreign particles such dust, mold and other allergens. When the air in your house is heated and blown back into the rooms, any such allergens are also blown about. Radiant heated floors don't force the air anywhere. This makes these systems ideal for parents of infants and young children worried about home air pollution, as well as homes where a resident suffers from any number of medical ailments.  

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