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Is In-Floor Heating For You?

While previously, people had to shiver through the winter with nothing more than a small hydronic heating radiator to keep the chilly days and nights at bay, technology has advanced enough to give homeowners a wide range of options for keeping their houses nice and toasty during the cooler months of the year. One form of heating that has been gaining popularity is radiant floor heat. Everyone hates stepping on freezing floor tiles first thing on a winter morning. What if you could not only eliminate that unpleasant sensation, but also give your family a practical and affordable form of heating? If that sounds like the ideal temperature control solution, then electric radiant floor heating might just be perfect for you and your home.

One benefit that most people don't realize is that this type of heating system is ideal for a wide range of floor types. In floor heating systems such as Warm Tiles® from, for example, can be used with laminate, ceramic, marble, concrete, paver, and slate floors. This means that you can install this innovative system in almost any room in your home, from bathroom to bedroom to basement.

Plenty of people assume that a heated tile floor is expensive. On the contrary: these systems are not only surprisingly affordable, many of them can be installed without the need to call in a professional electrician or contractor. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with do-it-yourself home renovations, so this will vary from person to person. If you're planning to compare prices between different systems and different manufacturers, why not take the time to investigate exactly what is involved with the installation of the setups that you are considering? Knowing whether or not you need professional help with the installation will allow you to better estimate costs.
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