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Towel Warmers

The Benefits of A Towel Warmer

Widely used to provide a cozy warm towel after a bath or shower, towel warmers are also becoming a welcome addition to the laundry room, pool house, or entryway.  They dry swim suits in the summer,  damp clothing, scarfs and gloves in the winter, and provide a delicate method to dry fine garments and hand-washable clothing such as lingerie.  They can even provide toasty pajamas on a cold winter night!

In addition, towel warmers:
  • Add an upscale, spa-like look and feel to your room
  • Can be wall-mounted or free-standing
  • Are available in Plug-in and Hardwired models
  • Can reduce your utility costs and the time spent doing laundry.  Great alternative to running the dryer.
  • Deter the growth of mold and bacteria that breed in damp towels and clothing 
  • Provide additional warmth to the surrounding area

Series 200 Towel Warmers
Series 200 Towel Warmers
Our Most Affordable Series!

Series 300 Towel Warmers
Series 300 Towel Warmers
All Stainless Steel Construction!

Series 500 & 600 Towel Warmers
Series 500 & 600 Towel Warmers
100% Solid Brass Construction!
Towel Warmer Accessories
Towel Warmer Accessories

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